Gymnastics Apparatus Poster - Uneven Bars - Yurchenko Gymnastics

Gymnastics Apparatus Poster - Uneven Bars


Educate your gymnast with this bar routine gymnastics poster showing beautifully designed advanced uneven bar elements along with their code of points symbols.

Bar elements include
  • Mount to Kip
  • Cast to Handstand
  • Tkatchev
  • Pak Salto
  • Schaposchnikova
  • Bail to Handstand
  • Toe Shoot to High Bar
  • Kip
  • Cast to Handstand
  • Gienger Salto
  • Kip Cast to Handstand with 1/2 turn
  • Giant
  • Double Pike Dismount
  • Poster Dimensions: 19" H x 27" W

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