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About Us

Yurchenko Gymnastics is a US-based company founded and run by world champion and hall of fame gymnast Natalia Yurchenko. Natalia has always had a passion for both gymnastics and education. Yurchenko Gymnastics allows Natalia to combine her passions and create gymnastics apparel, accessories and equipment for gymnasts that are both beautifully designed as well as educational.


The origin of our design aesthetic

When designing Natalia's website a few years ago, we were unable to find an nice, educational graphic that demonstrated the execution of a Yurchenko Vault. So, we created our own!

We loved the educational aspect of the graphic as well as the simplicity and beauty of that design. So, we created a series of such graphics depicting each woman's gymnastics apparatus with elements performed by Natalia. We then printed these graphics as huge banners for the walls of Natalia's downtown Chicago gym (C.I.T.Y Club Gymnastics Academy).

Vault poster

We didn't stop there! We extended the design concept to posters, t-shirt and hoodie designs, motivational pins, hats, grip bags and educational element cards with much more coming soon.....!


Our company

Partnering with Natalia to launch Yurchenko Gymnastics is Kerry Fitzpatrick. Kerry has a background in graphic and Web design as well as online education. She also has a 9-year old daughter Katya (Level 7) who is a member of Natalia's USAG competition team called Team Yurchenko.


We hope you enjoy our products! If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us. We'd appreciate hearing from you!

Natalia and Kerry


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