Gymnastics Element Cards - Set #1 (16 cards) - Yurchenko Gymnastics

Element Cards - Set #1 (16 cards)


Educate your gymnast with our element cards!

Our collectable vault, bars, beam and floor element cards (4" x 6.25") will help your gymnast understand the proper position and technique to execute 16 popular advanced elements. The cards include the element definition, element execution positions and code of points symbol.

  • Yurchenko Layout
  • Yurchenko Omelianchik
  • Yurchenko Full
  • Tsukahara Piked
  • Bail to Handstand
  • Gienger Salto
  • Pak Salto
  • Tkatchev
  • Front Aerial
  • Onodi
  • Round-Off Layout Step Out
  • Switch Ring Leap
  • Double Arabian
  • Double Layout
  • Front Full
  • Sheep Jump


Watch for additional collectable element card sets to be released soon!

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